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We’re Made Out of Meat (Journey Into Hell #3)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been talking about Hell — as a concept, yes, but especially as a beloved threat from toxic Christians. Constantly, such Christians deploy this threat to strong-arm new victims into complying with their various demands. Of course, they also use it to keep existing Christians’ butts parked firmly in pews. […]

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Solving Exactly the Wrong Problems in Evangelicalism (Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience)

Reading Time: 10 minutes Recently, we explored a now-classic 2005 book by Ronald J. Sider, The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience. In it, Sider fell victim to the classic evangelical blunder. No, I don’t mean getting involved in a land war in Asia. I mean the classic evangelical blunder: he identified The Big Problem Here, but it’s not actually what’s wrong. Thus, his solutions will fix the wrong problems. Today, let me show you what Ronald J. Sider thought the problem with evangelicals was, and then what it actually is.

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Married Evangelicals Are Not Okay: Pandemic Edition

Reading Time: 10 minutes People don’t know the grim reality of evangelicals’ marriages, much less why this whole pandemic situation is tearing apart the already-shaky foundation of those marriages. So today, let me show you why evangelical marriages face challenges right out of the gate — and why lately, their facade is crashing right down to the ground.

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The Waiting Room: That Moment We Dangle Between Fates

Reading Time: 9 minutes When we find ourselves waiting for an outcome, we can start to get desperate. I can see why we might have evolved that burst of hormones and chemicals, but this exact process can be easily manipulated by those who wish to take advantage of us. Today we look at the waiting room, both physical and metaphorical, and where that anxiety can take us if we’re not careful.

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Priorities, Priorities: Freedom 2015

Reading Time: 10 minutes Sometimes when people can’t possibly achieve a goal, they start setting some downright odd priorities to make themselves feel like they’re getting something done. Lately we’re seeing some of that behavior out of Christians–and it’s another sign that things are getting better (for the rest of us). Misplaced priorities are just part of the dying pains of a major movement. This time it’s not quite as comical–or as harmless–as their apparent war over how brightly-lit their churches should be during services. This time they’re attacking tolerance itself.

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Naturalism: Not Gross. Not Crass. And Not Negotiable

Reading Time: 9 minutes Wow, do Christians tend to hate the idea of naturalism. One apologetics site even calls it, without a hint of irony or self-awareness, “a belief-system opposed to our god.” Notice their flowchart, by the way. It’s actually not too bad. “The natural world is all that exists, so if something falls outside the natural world, it is excluded from reality.” One almost wants to say in response “Yes, and…?”

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The Unequally Yoked Club: The Most Important Thing.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi y’all! We’ve been talking lately about how quite a few Christians base their marriages on a shared belief in their religion, making the whole marriage quake when one partner loses that belief. I made the point that it really doesn’t have to be that way. Today we’re going to talk a little more about […]

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