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The Jesus Beatings Shall Continue Until Salvation Improves (Only God Can)

Reading Time: 10 minutes Lately we’ve been talking about the horrible Christian movie Only God Can. In it, we encounter a great many tropes beloved of evangelicals. And one of their very favorites–said on that Zorg voice of course–involves how they see their god engaging with humanity. See, he’s got a novel approach to winning friends and influencing people: he destroys their lives till they bend the knee. Yep! Today, my friends, we look at the Jesus beatings that shall continue until salvation improves!

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Mark Driscoll’s Miracle, His ZOMG MEERKUL YAWL (LSP #61)

Reading Time: 9 minutes Mark Driscoll’s been a busy boy lately. Not on his blog. That’s gone almost two solid months without an update. I mean in real life. But he has a clickbait update-that-isn’t-an-update for his readers that, as usual, explains nothing–except his own need to glorify himself. Today, Lord Snow Presides over Mark Driscoll’s ZOMG MEERKUL YAWL.