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Demand for useless and dangerous ‘alternative’ cures hits an all-time high

Reading Time: 5 minutes In Oscar Wilde’s fabulously funny The Canterbury Ghost, an apparition haunting Canterbury Chase is both mortified and angry when the new owners of the property—American clergyman Hyram B. Otis and his family—flatly refuse to be fazed by his attempts to scare them. The ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville is particularly outraged by the clergyman’s […]

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Licensed Astrologers

Reading Time: 2 minutes By James A. Haught The solar system is relatively flat, occupying an imaginary plane in the sky called the ecliptic. Planets waver 8 degrees on each side of the centerline, in a belt called the zodiac. As the Earth travels around its orbit through the year, twelve different constellations of stars come into the zodiac […]

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Afterlife: When the Science Spoke At Last to Me

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, I noted that I struggled mightily with my belief in some sort of afterlife. Today, I want to show you what happened as I slowly began coming to grips with mortality. Plunging Into Science. During that time, 2013-2015, I was devouring a lot of science about the brain — and […]

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Anti-Vax: Customer Interception Hotline

Reading Time: < 1 minute A little bit of fun for you this Saturday (well it is here). And a bit of the North for you: @rachelharpercomedyReply to @_curti5_ worried about vaccines? You’ll only feel a prick xxx ##fyp ##foryoupage ##comedy ##customerservice♬ original sound – Rachel_Harper_Comedy H/T Geoff Benson. Stay in touch! Like A Tippling Philosopher on Facebook: A Tippling […]

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When Your Position Depends on Lying: Geocentrism Edition (LSP #167)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi and welcome back! Years ago, I wrote about how culture warriors’ message absolutely requires dishonesty. That was seven years ago, but very little has changed since then! Indeed, a recent story talks about geocentrists and the deceptive tactics they used to make their documentary sound more credible. And this story feels very, very familiar to […]

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Sean McDowell’s Second Big Question Backfires Too

Reading Time: 7 minutes In that first post, we checked out how he contorted illogic and junk history to arrive at the conclusion that his god was totally for realsies. Here, he moves forward into his next question. So today, let’s see how Sean McDowell misinterprets this fictional event to claim validity for his entire religion.