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Modest is Nottest.

Reading Time: 14 minutes (Content note: Misogyny, body policing, discussion of Rape Culture.) Today we’re going to talk about why a false modesty drive is just one of the last salvos that fundagelical culture is firing in their vain attempt to grab back control over young women before it’s too late and those women get too old or just […]

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What I’m Reading Lately Online.

Reading Time: 7 minutes I was going to put these links at the end of various full posts, but I didn’t want them to get lost, so here they are in a semi-organized lump. Here’s what I’m reading lately from the netosphere that I think you might like too: * Remember that Modesty Survey I’ve talked about a few […]

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Exiting Far East: On Being Immodest.

Reading Time: 14 minutes I was finally in Sapporo, Japan, and in the earliest days of the trip. It had been a really long, hellish, topsy-turvy day. But now we were approaching the tail end of it; as my mom would have put it, we were “getting on toward.” Now I lay almost entirely submerged in a wooden hot […]

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The Kodak Marriage

Reading Time: 17 minutes Christians’ laser focus on marriage unfortunately highlights the sheer inadequacy of their rules about relationships themselves. Let me show you what I mean today.

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The Daughters of Women.

Reading Time: 11 minutes A while ago I wrote a post called “The Daughters of Men” in which I cried aloud in the wilderness about a pastor who is deliberately teaching his daughters things that will potentially harm them significantly in their future lives as adults. It looks like this kind of horrifically poorly-done parenting isn’t specific to misogynistic […]

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The Daughters of Men.

Reading Time: 9 minutes (TW: Misogynistic asshole fundie fathers brainwashing their daughters ahead. Survivors, proceed with your spoons out.) Recently this video popped up on The Friendly Atheist’s blog about a pastor who has explicitly said he will be teaching his sons to be independent, but his daughters not to be independent. No, rather than commit such a horrible […]

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