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Who’s actually been operating a real pedophile ring?

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the dank cesspool of toxic vomit laced with Bible quotes, AR-15s, and rabid jingoism known as the Trump presidency was drowning the good citizens of the United States, one of the more malignant tumors floating in that hellish vat was the Q-anon conspiracy—ostensibly believed by millions—that Democrats and their Hollywood allies were operating a […]

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Crystal clutchers and Bible thumpers: Birds of a feather

Reading Time: 4 minutes An unsettling CBS News article I read recently—“How conspiracy theories ‘infiltrated’ the wellness community”—reminded me of the inherent kinship between such seemingly divergent believers as, say, crystal clutchers and Bible thumpers. Profound truths and transformative powers are widely and loudly proclaimed, without solid evidence, for both New Age-y silliness (crystals) and ancient texts (The Good […]

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Assessing the false claims of a COVID-19 denialist

Reading Time: 6 minutes Christian claims always have a pedigree, if our two current series, Journey Into Hell and 1st-Century Fridays, are anything to go by. I want to know the source of this particular mythology. So today, let’s check out this wingnut’s specific claims — and see, if we can, where she’s getting them and why she cherishes them so much.

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QAnon Lies, and People Die

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! News of the COVID-19 surge has been unrelentingly awful. One theme dominates that news, too: almost all of the people dying in this surge are unvaccinated. Sure, some of those unvaccinated folks just never got A Round Tuit. But a lot of others have turned out to be victims of the […]

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Why QAnon is Attacking Evangelical Leaders Lately

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! In the past, we’ve discussed QAnon — the new moral panic and conspiracy theory that has consumed white evangelicals in America. QAnon claims more white evangelicals than any other religious group. Mostly, these QAnon followers are the rank-and-file of white evangelicalism. Unfortunately, their religious leaders have no idea in the world […]