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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inUncategorized

Randal Rauser, Ed Babinski and Decisions in Heaven

Reading Time: 4 minutes I was having a private Twitter discussion with Edward Babinski yesterday concerning heaven. He is presently writing up a critical review of the work of Randal Rauser’s book Miracles: Randal Rauser, the tentative apologist, says all of our decisions in heaven will be righteous ones. “We will be perfectly sanctified and thus be determined to do […]

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Miracles, Prayer, Coincidences and Statistical Probability

Reading Time: 13 minutes I went to the pub last night with a couple of mates, one of whom is the founding member of the Tippling Philosophers. Because we are very cool people, we spent a large amount of time talking philosophy and theology. Strap yourselves in, this ain’t short. My other friend talked about a couple of unexplained […]

Posted inGeneral

Casting Doubt on the Nativity of Jesus again

Reading Time: 3 minutes My usual seasonal spiel goes something like this… Holidays are coming, holidays are coming… It’s that time of year, you know, the interminable run-up to Christmas when big corporations vie for your hard-earned cash in an attempt to exploit the seasonal goodwill brought on by the imaginary birth of a godmanspirit. Well, have I told […]

Posted inHistory

My Debate on the Nativity with Randal Rauser

Reading Time: 6 minutes Some time ago, I had my first public debate, hosted by the Reasonable Doubts podcast and radio show. Check out my book on the subject The Nativity: A ‘critical Examination. As I posted a couple of years back: My pre-recorded debate with Randal Rauser, a Christian apologist from Canada, is available for your listening pleasure. Let […]

Posted inPhilosophy

Randal Rauser has a pop at me

Reading Time: 6 minutes A few weeks back, theologian, author and blogger Randal Rauser had a pop at me. We have previously had a few cross-posts and whatnot, and even debated on US radio/Reasonable Doubts podcast on the subject of the Nativity, which can be found here. Luke, a theist who regularly comments here,, also comments at Rauser’s blog, and I got into a revived debate about libertarian free will and the Kalam.

Posted inBooks, Philosophy

Stephen Law responds to Randal Rauser on Believing Bullshit

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is from Stephen’s SIN post. i have posted an excerpt. Check out the rest here.

A while ago the well-known Christian apologist and blogger Randal Rauser posted a very long review of my book Believing Bullshit on his blog. You can find Rauser’s review here.

While making a few nice comments about the book, Rauser was generally very negative. He posted the same review on the amazon page for my book and gave the book just two stars.

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Oh, my! Randal Rauser on prayer (God or Godless)

Reading Time: 11 minutes I recently reviewed Randal Rauser and John Loftus’ debate book entitled God or Godless. I have also responded to Randal’s post on why I am an atheist as well as posting an article critiquing Randal on why he is a Christian. During my review, I noted that I was particularly frustrated at Randal’s prayer chapter.

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