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Cognitive Dissonance: (Not) Answering the Big Question

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been talking about cognitive dissonance — that uncomfortable state people get into when they realize they hold contradictory beliefs. The people who take Christianity the most seriously seem to be the most afflicted by it. We’ve seen how Christians respond (poorly) to cognitive dissonance in general and also regarding prayer. Today, […]

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A Crisis of Conscience for a TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Clerk

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Gosh, being a TRUE CHRISTIAN™ is so hard nowadays. Not only do TRUE CHRISTIANS™ have to Jesus harder all the time, but they have to make sure everybody around them knows they’re the most Jesus-ified Jesus-ers who ever Jesus-ed. And there’s no better way to demonstrate their Jesus-ification than inserting themselves […]

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Married Evangelicals Are Not Okay: Pandemic Edition

Reading Time: 10 minutes People don’t know the grim reality of evangelicals’ marriages, much less why this whole pandemic situation is tearing apart the already-shaky foundation of those marriages. So today, let me show you why evangelical marriages face challenges right out of the gate — and why lately, their facade is crashing right down to the ground.

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Loudly-Christian Businesses And The Company They Keep

Reading Time: 11 minutes A while back, I showed you some disturbing information about businesses that trumpet how very very very Jesus-y they are. Today, we merge that trend with multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs). It seems that a very very very Jesus-y boutique salon haircare guru has been associating closely with an especially-nasty MLM shill–and reaped the consequences of his poor business decision. As the saying goes, we’re known by the company we keep. Today, let me show you a story that might well function as the saying’s case study!

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Robert Fisher: Instant Enlightenment NOT Found Here

Reading Time: 9 minutes My ex-C friends are reeling–as they should be–at the news that a recent Republican scandal hit a little close to home this past week. To me, the story illustrates one of this blog’s primary messages: that deconversion doesn’t actually instantly confer enlightenment or wisdom upon anybody.

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