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What the heck do rabbit hutches have to do with size and danger of the universe?

Reading Time: 4 minutes So what the devil do rabbit hutches have to do with philosophical arguments against the existence of God, I hear you ask… Well, let me explain how these little houses built for pet rabbits may shed some unexpected light on whether an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving god exists. But, before we deal with the excitement of […]

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Does the Prodigal Son parable contradict Christian teaching?

Reading Time: 4 minutes I recently watched a YouTube video by Rabbi Tovia Singer that discussed how the “Prodigal Son” parable fundamentally conflicts with the Christian teaching of “Atonement,” which sparked my interest in this well-known parable. It appears that the famous parable is actually at odds with other core tenets of Christian teaching. In case you are not […]

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How do Christians explain vanishing twin syndrome and ensoulment?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many theists believe that ensoulment takes place at conception, as the soul is either attached to, or emerges from, the physical matter of the fertilized egg. This theological minefield begs for critical analysis, which I’ve discussed as it relates to identical twins, and frozen embryos. In the final installment of my “Ensoulment Trilogy,” I was […]

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The myth of Jesus’ resurrection

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jesus was crucified, died, and was resurrected this weekend many hundreds of years ago. Oh what joy this brings. To Christians. Except it didn’t happen. Well, certainly not the resurrection bit. I’m what I call a “minimal historicist,” which is to say I believe Jesus existed (though I: won’t die on that hill), but that […]