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Turns out I Was Right about Brexit. A Lot.

Reading Time: 8 minutes “Project Fear, you Remoaner!” I’ve heard it for a number of years, since before the vote. And when Project Fear didn’t happen, Leavers got even more vocal. Of course, it didn’t happen because it took us this long to leave the EU – and it’s still ongoing. In fact, this was yet another lie from […]

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“Socialism Is Evil”; Yeah, Not a Good Time to Be a Libertarian…

Reading Time: 4 minutes Socialism is evil! Venezuela! Communism! CORONAVIRUS… Government, please bail us out! Please help us! Let’s work together to make sure of this and of that… Let’s nationalise private healthcare provision in the short term… Let’s…Let’s… I’ve heard assaults democratic socialism, social democracies, mixed economies – the lot – over the years from members of the […]

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On Campaign Finance Reform

Reading Time: 9 minutes This comment was from Cajun Exile, on this thread here in response to this video. I’ll post it and then reply interlinearly. It received a torrent of upvotes from people, back at whatever forum this guy came from, who piled in with their groupthink upvoting – a very common behaviour with the gun rights and small […]

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Regulation, Negative Externalities & Vacuum Cleaners. Again.

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve written on this exact subject before, but there’s nothing like repeating myself! Regulation is often seen as contrary to libertarian or conservative principles and against economic flourishing in providing barriers to trade, erected by interfering governments. But, as I have mentioned before, the free market cannot account for negative externalities. This means that, if […]

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Morality: Regulation, Trump and Brexit

Reading Time: 7 minutes I give myself a wide remit here at ATP, and today I want to talk a bit about regulation. For free marketeers, libertarians and small government and tax right-wingers, “regulation” is a very dirty word. But what is regulation? I think when the word is used, people really don’t think about what it is. Regulation […]

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Should We License Parenting?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In reading the brilliant book The Anatomy of Violence by Adrian Raine, the subject of licensing parenting is brought up near the end. It’s a good old debating topic that often provokes strong opinions. Some claim that giving birth is a fundamental human right and everyone is entitled to it. Of course, this is not so […]

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