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‘Spock Amok’: Walk a mile in my ears

Reading Time: 9 minutes One of the most important facets of Star Trek: The Original Series was its spirit of play. In some ways, this was necessary. The series would often be filmed haphazardly, scripts written and handed off to actors last-minute, the late-60s wing-and-a-prayer production flying by the seat of its pants to make it all work on […]

Posted inComedy

What not to say during sex

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was inspired by Erin Louis’ piece 10 secular alternatives to “Oh My God” during sex and decided to write this autobiographical post. While Erin explores the many alternatives of what you can say during intercourse, I would like to share what not to say. How do I know what not to say during sex? […]

Posted inCulture

Soulmates? No. The person who changes your tire at 10pm in 10-degree weather? Yes.

Reading Time: 3 minutes As someone who studies non-monogamy and the messed-up gender norms in heterosexual relationships, I’ve never been super into the concept of soulmates. It sounds nice on paper, but I’m more interested in proof, like who has your back when the going gets tough. One of the main points I’ve made about non-monogamy in the past […]

Posted inReligion

How to Totally Solve Spiritual Drought

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we checked out a Christian essay describing spiritual drought. That’s the feeling Christians get when they just don’t feel connected or filled-up by their god. At any given time, huge numbers of Christians feel this way. And obviously, that’s a problem. After all, their marketing says their god is standing by, […]

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