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The Unequally Yoked Club: He’s in Love with a Church Girl.

Reading Time: 19 minutes Continuing the long tradition of evangelical urban legends and worn-out tropes in movies*, I’m in Love With a Church Girl offers up a rehashed and cliché-riddled bit of schlock that is “based on a true story,” which means it bears only the faintest hint of a trace of the real story. This movie looks at the topic of mixed-faith relationships–and it does so in quite possibly the most offensive, misogynistic, and insulting ways possible.

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The Unequally Yoked Club: You Didn’t Sign Up For This.

Reading Time: 13 minutes Before we can really get into the meat of this post, I need to say a few words first about the fundamentalist view of promises, because I don’t think most people outside that mindset will understand fully until this stuff’s on the table. I’ve talked before about the things that drew me to fundamentalism, namely […]

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Redefining Words: Love

Reading Time: 13 minutes Christianity’s been quietly redefining the word “love” to the point where I can’t really be sure that any Christian I talk to who uses that word is actually using it in a way that I would ever recognize.

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