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I Was a Purple Christian People Pleaser

Reading Time: 9 minutes Maybe it’s so easy to switch flavors of Christianity because at heart, most of them share the same humanity-crushing underpinnings. One of the worst of those underpinnings involves the systematic destruction of a person’s sense of boundaries and self-worth–and then the outlawing of any way for people to refuse impositions on their time. In that vein, here’s how Christianity programmed me to be a people pleaser.

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When Christians Express Serious Doubts To Each Other

Reading Time: 12 minutes A year or so ago, our friend Brad asked Christians what it’d take for them to stop believing in Christianity. I made the point there that Christians become very uncomfortable with this question. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t talk about doubt. Today, let me show you how they talk among themselves about doubt–and why it doesn’t help them at all.

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The Most Important Christian Claims (Fail Too)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Last time, we talked about the Christians who act all mystified about how their claims could possibly lack credible support. In the end, it came down to them not understanding what claims actually are, much less how to identify one and then adequately support it. Today, I’ll show you why that culturally-ingrained inability has led to the failure of their most important claims of all. 

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Jesus Told This Complementarian Dude To Marry Me

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Lately, we’ve been focusing on a doctrine in authoritarian Christianity called complementarianism. This doctrine informs much of right-wing Christians’ thought processes and behavior. Especially for complementarian men, their doctrine writes them an easy permission slip for so much of the awful stuff they want to do. Today, I want to show you how […]

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