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Can religion keep quiet about politics?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Religion takes in all manner of personalities and burnishes what it receives. A mean person, adopting religion, becomes meaner. A kind person becomes kinder. And a political person can become loudly political, as is the case with American evangelical politics. Political religion has much to lament. Politics interlaced with religious fervor invented many techniques for […]

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New York Governor Kathy Hochul to Church: The COVID-19 vaccine is God’s answer to our prayers

Reading Time: 2 minutes While some right-wing Christians have used their massive platforms to spread misinformation and doubt about the COVID-19 vaccine, discouraging people from getting their shots or claiming that mask mandates are somehow a violation of their freedoms, others, like New York Governor Kathy Hochul, have defended vaccines and mask mandates in the name of their faith. […]

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Op-ed: Oh, how they laughed when Ted Cruz joked about Cancún

Reading Time: 4 minutes A winter storm with below freezing temperatures killed more than a few people in Texas last week. The failure of the state’s electrical grid during the weeklong cold snap left more than four million Texans without electricity and heat, many for days on end in subfreezing temperatures. Many residents also lost access to water, and 14.6 million were ordered […]

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Op-ed: Government & Religion

Reading Time: 5 minutes IN November the UK Government launched an Independent Faith Engagement Review, headed by the Director of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, Colin Bloom, above. The review into ‘how best the government should engage with faith groups in England’ concluded on December 11. The consultation prompted Professor John Radford, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of East London, […]