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'Strip Mother Teresa of Indian honour,' says BJP politician

Reading Time: 2 minutes Subramanian Swamy, above, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party MP who has attacked Mother Teresa for her efforts to ‘Christianise’ India, is now calling for her to be stripped of India‘s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna (Jewel of India). According to this report, his call last week came after Indian authorities busted a baby-trafficking racket […]

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Indiana: cannabis church loses a 'religious freedom' lawsuit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bill Levin, above,  is the ‘Grand Poobah’ of First Church of Cannabis in Indiana – and when the state’s then Governor Mike Pence introduced a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Levin initiated a lawsuit that would allow church members  to use weed as a sacrament. It didn’t go well. According to this report, Judge Sheryl Lynch […]

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Retirement of liberal American judge sparks gloomy forecasts

Reading Time: 3 minutes The news this week that Justice Anthony Kennedy, above, is retiring from the US Supreme Court is ‘an ominous development for our civil liberties’, according to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which said Trump’s list of replacements ‘includes the worst of the worst’. In an article yesterday headed “We’re in big trouble with Kennedy’s Supreme […]

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Closer to the edge

Reading Time: 4 minutes We in the US lurched some big steps closer to full-on authoritarianism and even fascism this week (as we do most weeks). Am I sure we’ll end up there? No, but nor am I confident we won’t. We’re terrifyingly helpless to do anything about the relentless lurches. The nightmare of the children grabbed away from […]

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I stand accused of 'spouting hatred' against evangelicals

Reading Time: 2 minutes Back in May, I penned a column for the weekly Spanish newspaper, Round Town News about the the increasing involvement of evangelicals in Trump’s administration (click here to read it). This deeply upset Alan Roberton, resident minister at the English Church in Benidorm (click on image below): My reply, due to appear in RTN next […]

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Dallas: 'Hateful' and 'divisive' billboards are removed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pastor Robert Jeffress, one of Trump’s many crackpot advisers, is not a happy chappie because two billboards erected by his church in Dallas, Texas, have taken down for being ‘anger provoking’. And there was anger, to be sure. According to this report, the day after the billboards went up, the Dallas Morning News published two articles characterising […]