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A Flip-Flop That’ll Cost Evangelicals.

Reading Time: 12 minutes White evangelicals are standing behind their chosen champion through all manner of scandals. I was surprised at first that this scandal is sticking so hard to our Jerkweed-in-Chief, but really, it isn’t all that surprising–and I’ll show you why it isn’t.

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The Dark Origins of the Anti-Abortion Culture War

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last time we covered the mismatch between those two types of goals in apologetics. But that’s not the biggest mismatch there is. That honor belongs to the Christian culture war against abortion. I’ll show you what the mismatch is, how Christians bought into one of the cruelest, most hypocritical, most patently-dishonest, and most callously-engineered causes imaginable, and how you can tell that their culture war has nothing to do with what they say it’s about. Today we’ll start with just how this culture war got started.

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How Fundagelical Leaders Will Reassure the Tribe After Roy Moore’s Defeat

Reading Time: 9 minutes Many political commentators have noted that the election wasn’t just a statement from voters who rejected Moore’s antics, but also one regarding the entire American Republican Party itself–and maybe even toxic Christianity itself, which is the social movement that allowed Roy Moore to succeed for as long as he did. So obviously Christian leaders have their work cut out for them in formulating a response to their increasing rejection by the rest of society. But they probably won’t pick a very good way to respond, and today I’ll show you why I say that.

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Another Day, Another TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Hypocrite

Reading Time: 13 minutes In the lifetime of this blog, we’ve talked often about how hypocritical the most fervent Christians always turn out to be. We’ve established many times that hypocrisy isn’t a fluke or aberration of the religion but an absolutely inevitable outcome of its various teachings. In the wake of some absolutely explosive new allegations against one of Christianity’s most valiant culture warriors, we turn our attention once again to this simple fact.

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Why #EmptyThePews Is Important

Reading Time: 12 minutes Recently someone started a Twitter hashtag called #EmptyThePews to encourage Christians to let the horrifying events of this week be their breaking point–and to walk away from their churches to show that they do not stand with their racist leaders. Immediately stories began pouring through that hashtag–stories about deconversion and disengagement, indignation and anger, disappointment and betrayal: vast narratives revealed in 140 characters or less. I’ll show you why this hashtag matters.

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Amazing (dis)Grace

Reading Time: 4 minutes An amazing thing happened in the 2016 election. Donald Trump’s victory was, in large part, the result of overwhelming support from the Religious Right. Trump won 81 percent of the white evangelical vote, higher than George W. Bush, John McCain or Mitt Romney. An article in the April 2017 issue of New Republic magazine asks: […]

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