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Herschel Walker paid for an abortion. His Christian supporters won’t care.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last night, The Daily Beast published evidence that Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, a “proud pro-life Christian,” had literally written a check to a woman he impregnated so she could have an abortion. That happened months after he had an out-of-wedlock child with another woman—a detail that the woman who obtained the abortion did not […]

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Satanists: Indiana’s extreme abortion ban violates our religious freedom

Reading Time: 3 minutes In early August, Indiana’s Republican Governor Eric Holcomb signed an extreme abortion ban into law. Instead of the 22-week ban previously in place, the new law would prohibit the procedure with very few exceptions. The law went into effect on September 15. That’s when The Satanic Temple went into action, suing the state for violating […]

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Lindsey Graham proposes national abortion ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lindsey Graham has always been a staunch opponent of abortion rights. Now, he’s proposing new anti-abortion legislation that would ban the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy nationwide.  Graham’s proposal comes at a difficult time for Republicans, who have been losing steam in midterm polls, hobbled by the extreme unpopularity of the Supreme Court’s summer […]

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The GOP lawmaker who condemned an extreme anti-abortion bill isn’t a hero

Reading Time: 3 minutes How extreme are GOP abortion bans? So extreme that some Republicans are even daring to publicly question whether their colleagues’ Christian faith is sincere. That’s what South Carolina State Sen. Katrina Shealy did this week after her male Republican colleagues fought to remove exceptions for rape and incest in their near-total abortion bans. As it […]

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‘Nobody should go through what I went through’—the traumatic pregnancy

Reading Time: 6 minutes CN: Sexual assault Christian crisis pregnancy centers claim to be of service to women in need. Do they serve the actual needs of women, or simply advance a particular religious agenda?  I spoke to Rebecca Trotter, a self-described “mom, writer, thinker, talker, teacher, and Christian” whose personal experience when faced with a traumatic pregnancy sheds […]

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Florida: Teen is not ‘mature’ enough for abortion, but mature enough to give birth

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Florida appellate court ruled that a pregnant 16-year-old was “not sufficiently mature” to access abortion services. The teen herself argued in her petition that she was “not ready to have a baby,” as she is still in school, does not have a job, and the father cannot assist her.  Court records say that the […]