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‘Pro-life’ speaker thanks God for killing man who was ‘obstacle’ to abortion ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Proving yet again that the “pro-life” crowd doesn’t give a damn about actual living people, Nathaniel Darnell, the Georgia director for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, used his speech during the state’s March for Life rally on Friday to celebrate the death of former State House Speaker David Ralston, an anti-abortion Republican whom Darnell […]

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Clergy members sue Missouri to block faith-based anti-abortion laws

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an attempt to overturn extreme abortion restrictions in Missouri, 13 clergy members have filed a lawsuit against the state, arguing that the laws impose one religious interpretation upon everyone else, violating their rights and the Constitution. The clergy members represent faith traditions that say abortion is permissible or required in certain situations. The 83-page […]

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The Catholic Church waited too long to kick Frank Pavone out of the priesthood

Reading Time: 4 minutes Frank Pavone, a Catholic priest who became known for his anti-abortion extremism and MAGA cultism far more than anything Jesus-related, has (finally) been removed from the priesthood by the Vatican. The previously unreported laicization occurred on November 9 with “no possibility of appeal,” according to the Catholic News Agency. Given that Pavone’s work with the […]

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Judge orders ‘The Church at Planned Parenthood’ to pay $110,000 in damages

Reading Time: 3 minutes A judge in Spokane County, Washington ruled on Friday that “The Church at Planned Parenthood” (TCAPP) violated the law when it blocked patient care outside a clinic, and the Christian group will now have to pay $110,000 in damages to the abortion providers. So that plan backfired on the right-wing extremists. For years now, members […]

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Gen Z in the House, abortion rights wins, and other highs from Election Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes Democrat Maura Healey is projected to be the first female governor of Massachusetts and the nation’s first openly lesbian state executive. Maryland elected its first black governor, Democrat Wes Moore. The first member of Gen Z is headed for the House of Representatives, and several states affirmed abortion rights.

These long-overdue historic feats are just some of the high points of the 2022 midterm elections.

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Abortion is not a luxury: Reproductive freedom and the midterms

Reading Time: 3 minutes This morning, I listened to an abortion procedure on NPR, and it was a powerful thing. A patient at a Michigan clinic consented to having her procedure recorded. She wanted to underscore its life-or-death importance in a climate where Michigan citizens will vote next week for an amendment that would enshrine abortion rights into the […]

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Pastor insists NM Gov. candidate told him he hopes to ban abortion

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mark Ronchetti, the Republican running to become governor of New Mexico, appears to be telling powerful Christian pastor Steve Smotherman that he wants to end abortion entirely within the state… while pretending to be less extreme on the matter whenever he speaks to a different audience. We know this because the pastor keeps telling his […]

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Christian hate-preacher: Abortion doctors must be mutilated and murdered

Reading Time: 2 minutes In response to a viral campaign ad showing police arresting a woman who obtained an abortion, Christian hate-preacher Joe Jones said he hoped that hypothetical situation became a reality, adding that he wanted abortion doctors to be mutilated and executed. The ad in question comes from Rep. Eric Swalwell of California. He depicted a future […]

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