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Trump won politics. But can he win again?

Reading Time: 4 minutes You can say anything you like about Trump, but he has won politics. And he’s probably going to try again, to most likely avoid jail, because let’s be honest: he certainly doesn’t need it to achieve anything political. He will never ever top this crowning achievement. Hail Trump, Lord of the Nominations, King of the […]

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The GOP’s Russian church connection

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Republican Party has a long history of opposition to Russia. They were the leaders in Cold War rhetoric, deploring both the communism and atheism of the Soviet regime. In the early 1950s, The Red Scare, promoted by right-wing Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy, warned the American people that communism was creeping into our government. He […]

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Texas Republicans target investment firms that prioritize climate action

Reading Time: 2 minutes Attempts by Texas Republicans to compel corporations to enforce conservative values have now expanded to include climate initiatives. Earlier this year, Texas state lawmaker Briscoe Cain sent a cease-and-desist letter to corporations that provide funds for their employees to get abortions outside of the state. Now the state wants to target corporations that prioritize climate […]

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GOP pressures corporations to enforce conservative moral values

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Trump era has had a transformative effect on the Republican Party. Pro-business, small-government Republicans are nearly extinct, replaced with culture warriors demanding that corporations fall in line behind the fearful conservative moral agenda that motivates their shrinking voter base. In the 1980s, Reagan Republicans professed to stand for free trade, low taxes, and the […]