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Texas Republicans target investment firms that prioritize climate action

Reading Time: 2 minutes Attempts by Texas Republicans to compel corporations to enforce conservative values have now expanded to include climate initiatives. Earlier this year, Texas state lawmaker Briscoe Cain sent a cease-and-desist letter to corporations that provide funds for their employees to get abortions outside of the state. Now the state wants to target corporations that prioritize climate […]

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GOP pressures corporations to enforce conservative moral values

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Trump era has had a transformative effect on the Republican Party. Pro-business, small-government Republicans are nearly extinct, replaced with culture warriors demanding that corporations fall in line behind the fearful conservative moral agenda that motivates their shrinking voter base. In the 1980s, Reagan Republicans professed to stand for free trade, low taxes, and the […]

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Living in a state with a Republican supermajority

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Tuesday, the Republican governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, failed to confirm his choice for director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Perhaps, during a highly politicized pandemic and at a time of intense political polarization, this might seem unsurprising to you. “Of course, the Democrats will try anything to thwart a […]

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Paging Mr. Orwell: How election integrity laws threaten voting rights

Reading Time: 3 minutes For most of American history, laws had forgettable names that described their intentions. A comprehensive survey by Cleveland State law professor Chris Sagers found just three laws prior to 1988 with names that were clever or cute rather than descriptive. Then all acronymic hell broke loose with acts like CAN-SPAM, FACT, HOPE, LIFE, and PREEMIE (Prematurity […]

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Cutting benefits won’t force low wage employees back to work

Reading Time: 2 minutes Throughout the pandemic, there was a push by conservatives to end additional federal benefits for low-wage employees. The federal government provided generous unemployment and other federal benefits during the difficult months of the pandemic when many low-wage employees were let go. For millions of Americans, those additional benefits provided hundreds of dollars per week as […]