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“Left Behind”‘s Grand Disguise.

Reading Time: 10 minutes This reboot of Left Behind is actually an imitation of a bog-standard disaster-on-a-plane movie.

But even in its attempt to slavishly imitate a specific genre of movies Americans got tired of in the 1980s, it couldn’t come anywhere near the quality and enjoyability of another take on the genre: 1980’s Airplane.

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Left Behind: Where Dreams Finally Come True.

Reading Time: 10 minutes It’s a very ugly fantasy–the demonstration of a very broken psyche on display in the lewdest possible manner–and though the movie itself isn’t a critical masterpiece, seeing that fantasy marched across a screen for that runtime made me feel like I was reading some Nice Guy’s short story about his revenge on all those high school girls who rejected him long ago. It was that obvious and that disquieting to see this movie and think, “This is what they really think of us.”

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The Great Left Behind-a-Palooza

Reading Time: 16 minutes To my astonishment, a quick search on Netflix revealed not only the new version of the movie but also the original Kirk Cameron version–and the two Kirk Cameron sequels. I feel like a five-year-old on Christmas morning suddenly. I’d say we’re set.

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Patheos Book Club: The Hand on the Mirror and TOWTTHO.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Janis Heaphy Dunham has written a book about her dive into the world of supernatural and paranormal pseudoscience after the tragic death of her beloved husband, Max. I grieve along with her–he sounds like an amazing man, and the world is the poorer for his absence. However, this book leaves me unconvinced that he’s the one who did all the stuff she writes about in her book.

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The Unequally Yoked Club: He’s in Love with a Church Girl.

Reading Time: 19 minutes Continuing the long tradition of evangelical urban legends and worn-out tropes in movies*, I’m in Love With a Church Girl offers up a rehashed and cliché-riddled bit of schlock that is “based on a true story,” which means it bears only the faintest hint of a trace of the real story. This movie looks at the topic of mixed-faith relationships–and it does so in quite possibly the most offensive, misogynistic, and insulting ways possible.

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Another review for my Free Will? book

Reading Time: 5 minutes As most of you probably already know, my first book was Free Will? An into whether we have free will or whether I was always going to write this book. This has received overwhelmingly good reviews (the only negative one on is from a mental Catholic priest who hadn’t read it and who has been banned from here, as well as negatively reviewing all of my books.

Anywho, I just thought I’d share the last couple of reviews for Free Will?

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