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Narcissistic Rage: Of Game Admins and Presidents (LSP #175)

Reading Time: 10 minutes To borrow a phrase and wreck its meter: ‘the time has come,’ the walrus said, ‘to speak of many things: Of shoes and ships…’ And narcissistic rage, of dysfunctional game admins and extremely seditious presidents. In the case of those last two items, these two groups have some very important traits in common: their narcissistic desire for attention, the mind-boggling extremes to which they are both willing to go in order to get it, and their catastrophic rage when it is denied. Today, Lord Snow Presides over how I learned to spot narcissists in a game I once loved.

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The Boss From Hell in ‘This Present Darkness’ (LSP #129, Ch. 17)

Reading Time: 10 minutes In Frank Peretti’s motherlode of bad writing, This Present Darkness, the author frequently reveals his lack of familiarity with his own tribal enemies. This time, that unfamiliarity hits its peak as he fumbles his way through a cringeworthy scene with one of the novel’s villains. It turns out that the Boss from Hell is a grade-A scenery-chewer! So today, Lord Snow Presides over the Boss from Hell in This Present Darkness.

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That Time I Wandered as a Child Into an Evangelism Tent At the County Fair

Reading Time: 8 minutes I love county fairs. Always have. I love everything about them: the food, the games, the rides (well, most of them), the animals, the contests, ALL. OF. IT. I even love the weird stuff that always seems to occupy the fringes of these events (mostly). As we scoot right up the rump of Thanksgiving, let me show you some of that weird stuff I encountered there once–and then what happened afterward.

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Dark Dungeons: Mega-Review.

Reading Time: 15 minutes Saturday, we did a liveblog review of Dark Dungeons, a short indie movie based on the Chick tract of the same name. It was awesome and I hope y’all had as great a time as I did! Some folks had requested I gather the comments I made during the movie and put them somewhere so they don’t have to crawl through Disqus to find them. I thought I’d put them here and start a new comment thread while I was at it.