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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

Why They’re Not Ambassadors

Reading Time: 9 minutes Last time we met up, we were talking about the differences between ambassadors and salespeople–and making the point that Christians may think of themselves as ambassadors, but they actually behave and react a lot more like salespeople. But they keep acting like they are totally ambassadors for Jesus. There’s a reason for it–and I’ll show you why today.

Posted inLGBTQ, Religion

Elevating the Meaningless Blather–I Mean, the Dialogue.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Christians’ bigotry has cost them countless adherents as well–adherents who take with them when they leave an inestimable amount of money, time, and support. Today I want to set our phasers to “deep-fat fry” and show you exactly why their newest tactic regarding LGBTQ outreach is nothing but a smokescreen meant to disguise how unpersuasive their essential message is.

Posted inReligion

The Adventures of Thom Rainer and the Strawman.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Normally you’d think that inaccuracies in Christians’ perception of others is just their problem. But their cultural flaws have a tendency of creating headaches for other people, too, not just for themselves. While they’re making strawmen about non-Christians and wrestling with their fictional creations, they’re getting an entirely wrong idea of what we’re really like and why we reject their claims and sales attempts. Today I want to talk about why Christians misrepresent us so often.

Posted inReligion

Christians and the Law of Conservation of Worship

Reading Time: 9 minutes I’ve been thinking lately about something I’ve noticed about many Christians trying to evangelize non-believers: they try to paint our various worldviews as very similar to their own, only inferior. Sometimes the lengths to which they’ll go to establish this commonality seem downright nonsensical. If you’ve ever wondered why that is, then strap into your seat because today we’ll be talking about the Law of Conservation of Worship.

Posted inReligion

Captain Cassidy’s Quest for Happiness: Where It Wasn’t

Reading Time: 10 minutes One of the big threats Christian leaders make to their flocks about deconversion is that if they leave the religion, they’ll become miserable. Oh, certainly they make other threats that are equally ludicrous: ex-Christians will instantly lose all meaning and purpose in life; they’ll become terrible and immoral people; they’ll destroy and/or lose their families; they’ll suddenly get a long run of absolutely horrible luck… I’m sure I missed some there, but that ought to get everyone started. Today we’re going to cover that first threat: how Christianity is supposed to make believers happy–and how it doesn’t.

Posted inReligion

Oh, Hell is Totally For Real? Really? Are You Sure?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Tonight I was reading a blog by a sweet-seeming sane Christian, John Pavlovitz. He’s a great guy, and he writes often about the worst beliefs and practices of his onetime tribe. As you can easily guess, any time he writes about that topic, outraged, indignant toxic Christians descend upon him like locusts. Clearly, John Pavlovitz’s dissent is seen […]

Posted inReligion

How Not to Be a Compelling Witness.

Reading Time: 15 minutes It’s almost a pity that most of modern Christianity has this major hard-on for evangelism and “spreading the gospel,” considering how bad most of their adherents are at actually doing it. It is just mind-blowing to me that this religion’s most vocal members, fundagelicals, consider converting and persuading people to be their entire reason for […]

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