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Pseudolaw, Satanism, and the theocratic coup

Reading Time: 4 minutes Satanism is a maligned and marginalized minority religious identity. Though this fact seems indisputable, many bristle at the characterization just the same. Beyond those who hold to a superstition-driven certainty that Satanism channels negative magical forces that “real” religions are designed to oppose, there are those who, for a variety of reasons, dismiss out-of-hand the […]

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Lucien Greaves: Boston’s pray-for-pay scheme is discrimination against religious minorities through codified corruption

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last Thursday, I witnessed a deposition conducted by a lawyer for The Satanic Temple in which sworn testimony from a representative for the City of Boston was taken. The Satanic Temple filed suit against Boston following unsuccessful attempts to gain an invitation to deliver a pre-city-council-meeting invocation, typically opened with a Christian prayer. The deposition […]

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Kansas school board upholds anti-‘Satanism’ dress code

Reading Time: 5 minutes Two weeks after initially signaling that they would revise their dress code to remove a discriminatory ban on “Satanism,” the Hays USD 489 Board of Education in Kansas has unfortunately chosen to leave the ban in place. The issue surrounds the dress code in the district’s middle and elementary school handbooks. (The high school doesn’t […]

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A Satanist got a Kansas school to rethink its anti-‘Satanism’ dress code

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most school districts have rules about how students’ clothing shouldn’t be revealing, or sex-related, or suggestive of “gang affiliation.” No surprise there. But the dress code for Hays Middle School in Kansas specifically bans references to “Satanism.” Similar language is used in the district’s middle and elementary school handbooks. (The high school doesn’t have the same […]

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Lies the Supreme Court tells about religious liberty

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since its adoption as the national motto in 1956, the inclusion of the phrase “In God We Trust” on the American national currency has faced legal challenges, leading to unlikely judicial claims about the phrase’s secular intent and meaning. In response to a lawsuit against the government in 1970, the Ninth Circuit ruled that “It […]

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