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Oil imperialism and the struggle for human control over our futures

Reading Time: 4 minutes In March 2020, something unsettling transpired in the global economy. Okay, a few somethings. But while most of the world remembers the sweeping COVID-19 lockdowns, what happened between Saudi Arabia and Russia around oil production is not common knowledge. And yet, as Vladimir Putin has launched a military invasion of Ukraine, we cannot forget the […]

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Op-ed: Defending the Honour of Mr God

Reading Time: 4 minutes DONALD Trump has been very friendly to Saudi Arabia during his stint as US President. Just this week he announced he’s pushing through a massive arms deal with the Saudis even though everyone else thinks it’s a bad move. He likes to be a zany madcap rebel that way. Meanwhile The Guardian reports: Loujain al-Hathloul, […]

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Indonesia’s Religion Transformed under Saudi Arabia’s Influence

Reading Time: 6 minutes Indonesia, as the world’s most populous Muslim country, is a source of great interest for those looking to see how it evolves in the context of the globals cultural milieu of the 21st century. It has traditionally been a pretty tolerant place, relatively speaking, with other religions protected and coexisting. However, this appears to have […]

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Saudi Arabia issues first driving licences to women

Reading Time: 2 minutes A glimmer of hope in the world of Islamic theocracies… From The Guardian: Saudi Arabia has issued its first driving licences for women three weeks before it ends the world’s only ban on female drivers, though many of the activists who pushed for change are still in jail. Ten women who held foreign driving licenses were given […]

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Don’t get too excited

Reading Time: 4 minutes Big excitement – we’re told that Saudi Arabia has decided to let women drive. Did you ever hear the like? Next we’ll be told they can actually leave the house without a male guardian. Or at least, we’re told that women will be allowed to get driver’s licences, which of course is not quite the […]