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The man who met Methuselah

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Man of the Dart. The Man of the Javelin. Sacred texts say he was the oldest person who ever lived… His name was Methuselah and—in spite of the fact that he is a well-known figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—he is still a largely an enigma centuries after his death.  Or at least… he […]

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Opportunistic Fundraisers From MLM Shills

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! This past couple of weeks has been yet another bad time for multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs). However, this time around they garnered some attention from some unusual sources. News outlets normally avoid the controversy that negative MLM coverage so often provokes. Maybe we’ve gotten to a societal point by now that […]

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Christian Scammers Have Discovered Coronavirus (Thanks, I Hate It)

Reading Time: 13 minutes There’s just something about con artists preying on desperate, gullible people that gets me mad. And I’m not fond of the wingnutty, controlling flavors of Christianity in general. So when coronavirus reports began escalating, I knew that eventually those wingnuts would get their hands on it — and begin using it to their advantage. Here, then, is a brief report on what the major Christian scams are right now, the truth of them, and finally some suggestions on what you might consider doing if you run across any conjobs trying to capitalize on fear and ignorance.

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