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List of times religion debunked science

Reading Time: < 1 minute Since time immemorial, religion has revealed to mankind The Truth about life, the universe, and everything…in appropriate context as decided by unelected church officials often no better educated than the lowest parishioner. Everyone who wasn’t branded a witch or a heretic was happy with that system. Then along came upstart “science” throwing their son-of-a-monkey wrench […]

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The science of the stars, from Bethlehem and beyond

Reading Time: 3 minutes Once again, the Christmas holiday has come. Just days before December 25th, the northern hemisphere experienced the shortest day of the year; conversely, the south had it longest. Just one of those things that happens when you have a ball careening around a sustained nuclear furnace at 30 kilometers a second with a small angular […]

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We Found a Possible Exoplanet in Another Galaxy! (LSP #215)

Reading Time: 6 minutes If life existed on Earth, my ten-year-old self figured, then it had to exist elsewhere. If our Sun had oodles of planets and moons whizzing around it, then other stars had to have them as well. And on those planets, who knew what might exist? It seemed far more likely to me that at least some other planets hosted life — and more than that, intelligent life — than that none possibly ever could.

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Genesis & Cosmology: A Debate

Reading Time: < 1 minute Skydivephil has created, with his wife through the eponymous YouTube channel, some staggering good videos on cosmology, having interviewed pretty much most of the leading cosmologists in the world (from Guth to Vilenkin, Hawking to Penrose). He has also contributed to a chapter in a book I was also commissioned a chapter to write in […]

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Did God Give You Kidney Stones?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I would like to introduce you to Matthew Sabatine who will contribute a few pieces that can also be found on his own blog – details below. Over to him: DNA is often given supernatural attributes and its uniqueness is often hard to separate from God as an origin. I have witnessed this understanding many […]