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The False Claims of ‘The Secret’

Reading Time: 11 minutes The creator of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, taught woo enthusiasts they could think themselves rich, healthy, and happy. And she did so using some really reprehensible and sketchy science-based and historical claims. Today, let’s look at some of those false claims.

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The Coronavirus and a Better Gospel

Reading Time: 6 minutes As you may already know, last night President Trump phoned in an interview to Hannity and brazenly disagreed with the World Health Organization about the fatality rate of the latest global health threat, the COVID-19 virus. Viewing the appearance of the Coronavirus as more of a public relations issue than as a matter of public health, Trump takes […]

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Dems vs GOP: Voter Confidence in Scientific Method

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pew Research Center recently carried out some research with regard to science and voter preference. The piece is interesting and worth a read, but what stuck out for me was the confidence in the scientific method. As Pew stated: Factual knowledge alone does not explain public confidence in the scientific method to produce sound conclusions. Overall, […]

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Award-Winning Physicist: Science Doesn’t Support Atheism

Reading Time: 7 minutes Last week, Scientific American published an interview with Marcelo Gleiser, a theoretical physics professor at Dartmouth and this year’s winner of the Templeton Prize, in which he said some things about the interplay between science and faith that ruffled some feathers. Gleiser, who identifies as an agnostic, said a number of things I would disagree […]

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Captain’s Log: Adventures in Mayonnaise Making

Reading Time: 8 minutes I love cooking. But sometimes my attempts to revise a recipe gets me into trouble. The most recent case in point: an attempt to revise the ingredient list for homemade mayonnaise. Today I’ll show you what happens when a revision goes hideously wrong–and how this adventure was a perfect example of how I want to live my entire life.

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Expertise, Apologetics, and David Marshall.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Recently I ran into this debate between David Marshall and Richard Carrier regarding whether or not belief in Christianity is “reasonable.” It got me thinking about apologetics generally, and about this new name specifically because I’d never even heard of him till now. Today I want to talk about how apologetics plays into right-wing Christians’ distrust of education and credentials, and what David Marshall’s brand of apologetics represents in the religion.

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Naturalism: Not Gross. Not Crass. And Not Negotiable

Reading Time: 9 minutes Wow, do Christians tend to hate the idea of naturalism. One apologetics site even calls it, without a hint of irony or self-awareness, “a belief-system opposed to our god.” Notice their flowchart, by the way. It’s actually not too bad. “The natural world is all that exists, so if something falls outside the natural world, it is excluded from reality.” One almost wants to say in response “Yes, and…?”

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