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The Handbook: Learning to Move Past Religious Narcissism

Reading Time: 9 minutes We recently added another line to that cosmic address–did you notice? After “Virgo supercluster,” we now have Laniakea, a galactic supercluster that comprises Virgo and some other local superclusters. Scientists have figured out how to tell what galaxies and groups are part of our galactic supercluster, and in addition and almost as importantly, they finally have a model of it that fits predictions and equations both. And that discovery has spoken to me on a very fundamental level.

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Shane Hayes, Part 7: All Things Being Unequal.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Welcome back. We’re discussing Shane Hayes, who wrote the new apologetics book The End of Unbelief. He has an argument that boils down to “I feel happier believing in Christianity than I did being what I erroneously thought was an atheist, and all things being equal, it makes much more sense to believe in this […]

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Shane Hayes, Part 2: Dorkness and Lies

Reading Time: 13 minutes Last time we talked about the author Shane Hayes and his new book, The End of Unbelief, which is supposed to be the new singing dancing apologetics book to persuade atheists into converting. Today, we look at just how Mr. Hayes conceptualizes belief and faith in his preface, “Darkness and Light,” and why he’s wrong.

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What’s Your Sign?

Reading Time: 9 minutes I was reading today about some horoscope writer who is sick and about how her fans are very upset that she can’t write their horoscopes on time, and it made me remember some woo I briefly got into in the 90s that I wanted to talk about here. Susan Miller writes horoscopes for a website […]

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The Great Debate (Wasn’t So Great After All)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Ken Ham and Bill Nye had a big debate recently. I was of two minds about watching the debate at all. It seemed like such a waste of time. I mean, really: it seems like Christian creationists get a lot more out of these things than the reality-endorsing folks do; it seems like it legitimizes […]

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What Will Save Us from Our Own Subjectivity?

Reading Time: 8 minutes One thing that modern science and the Christian religion share is an appreciation for the fallibility of human beings. Both skepticism (which lies at the heart of the scientific method) and faith (particularly the Christian faith) recognize that as much as we want to be rational beings, we don’t always do the logical thing. We […]

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