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The Solar Temple

Reading Time: 3 minutes What possesses some people, to make them believe crackpot gurus so intensely that they’re willing to kill rivals, strangers, their own children and themselves?

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Babbling in “Tongues”

Reading Time: 3 minutes By James A. Haught President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court may rouse debate over the dubious Christian practice of “speaking in tongues,” or glossalalia. She’s a fervent Catholic who belongs to a charismatic fringe clique, People of Praise, whose members reportedly babble “the tongues” like all Pentecostals. Various researchers say […]

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How Religion Spreads COVID-19

Reading Time: 7 minutes The sects that refuse to acknowledge any rules but their own, or that worship Donald Trump and swallow his propaganda about the virus not being a threat, are prolonging and worsening the pandemic.