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Stop using the ‘not very Christ-like’ argument with right wing Christians

Reading Time: 13 minutes Humanists know that there is so much to do in our hurting world. It’s frustrating when a given cultural moment nevertheless compels us to dwell on toxic religious turf instead. Every time we do? We’re not working together to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Not grappling with rising environmental and war refugeeism, and reshaping […]

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The work we do, with the time we have

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I was a wee sprog, I dreamed big. I was going to be a physics professor, working on tricky cosmology problems related to heat and expansion. (I was the precocious twit reading Feynman and Hawking at twelve and, like any twelve-year-old, feeling confident that I understood everything because I’d read a few pop-sci texts.) […]

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Ten years later, it still sounds like humanism

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ten years ago, the American Humanist Association ran a clever campaign quoting any number of famed religious people, noting that a given quote sure “Sounds Like Humanism.” The idea was this: You people are really one of us, even if you don’t openly admit it. Ancient Christian intellectuals did the same thing, making the extravagant […]

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The secular humanist’s guide to trans advocacy

Reading Time: 16 minutes I really didn’t want to have to write this piece. Amid pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine, along with famines, the ravages of climate change, and other global conflicts, did the U.S. really need to exacerbate human trauma by introducing so much harmful legislation lately? Gosh. Even writing that, it’s hard to pin down which […]

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Global Shoptalkers, unite!

Reading Time: 5 minutes This week, I opened the column with “Changing tracks: This is Global Humanist Shoptalk.” There, I explored what contemporary humanism includes, and why it matters for the work we’re doing here at OnlySky. Give it a gander, if you haven’t already. If you’d like to be part of these conversations, consider this post an Introductions […]

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Changing tracks: This is Global Humanist Shoptalk

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do you remember the film Snowpiercer ? You might recall the director, Bong Joon-ho, from Parasite, which famously depicted a lower-class family’s infiltration of an upper-class household. But class has always been a key consideration in his work, and it shows up in the former, too. Today, as I introduce the idea of Global Humanist […]

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Are You A Christian, but…?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here is another little piece that could be placed in newspapers or magazines to confront the theocrats. This was written a few years ago, but the web site linked at the end is up to date on Kavanaugh. Read it and weep. ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN… But you have some doubts about the literal truth […]

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Religion Leads to Longevity! Well, Not Quite, but…

Reading Time: 2 minutes An interesting piece of research has been done to look into whether social interaction and support can lead to longer lives. Knowing that people who are more religiously active tend to have greater social support networks, researchers looked at obituaries to look into whether the hypothesis that greater social support leads longevity actually stands. Turns out, […]

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Secular Humanism is a religion, legally speaking

Reading Time: 2 minutes From Think Progress: Atheists Score Major Win In Federal Court A federal district court in Oregon has declared Secular Humanism a religion, paving the way for the non-theistic community to obtain the same legal rights as groups such as Christianity. On Thursday, October 30, Senior District Judge Ancer Haggerty issued a rulingon American Humanist Association […]