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A Lesson in Probability to a Twit

Reading Time: 8 minutes A long time commenter here (See Noevo Twit), who has contributed precisely nothing to any conversation he has been involved in bar annoyance, is not long for these boards. It finally came to a head and I announced he would be banned after the election given: a) if Trump won, he would be incorrigibly smug; […]

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Mask Mayhem

Reading Time: 4 minutes Masks. Should we wear them? Is the science robust in their efficacy? Recently, I took it upon myself to thoroughly critique (elsewhere) a video that was doing the rounds: Some of you will love this video because it will support your conclusions with lots of data and a calm voice seemingly of reason. But […]

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Scientific Consensus and the Argumentum ad Populum

Reading Time: 2 minutes As if to fulfil his identity as poster boy for naive Creationist by making all the logical faux pas you can poke a hairy stick at, See Noevo pulls out all the classics. This is his most recent: “Going against scientific consensus where that consensus is overwhelming is certainly a good argument against that person […]

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The Nativity Census Challenge: Update

Reading Time: 3 minutes For any of you who haven’t been reading the threads on the census, a challenge that I set to See Noevo to answer, I would like to update you on what he has delivered by way of riposte: For longtime readers here, you might be surprised to learn that JohnM has returned to the fray. […]

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The Nativity Census Challenge: Answer This.

Reading Time: 4 minutes My Christmas goodwill and patience has evaporated like a week-old pan of mulled wine left on the slow-burning hob. Infamous commenter here, See Noevo, most of the time just has no ability to see his own comments and behaviour in an objective light. He suffers very much from the Dunning-Kruger Effect: In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive […]

Posted inEthics and Morality

Quote of the Day: Illithid on Consequentialism

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes things surprise me. Today, it was that, after all these months and perhaps years of See Noevo commenting here, he doesn’t seem to have a working knowledge of one of the most common moral subjects on this blog. Consequentialism is a staple diet for conversation here, and yet his understanding has apparently been lacking. Thanks to […]

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Answering Questions about Empiricism as Foundational: Abiogenesis, Language and Incredulity

Reading Time: 6 minutes Goodness me. Here’s another comment from See that he demands is answered, dripping as it is with condescension, and full of naivety. This came in the middle of his points being soundly debunked. As ever, I write this not so much for him, but for all the other readers. Some of See’s comments are regular […]

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