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Police-led Christian prayer vigil blurs separation of church and state

Reading Time: 3 minutes On April 28th, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in Rojas, et al. v. City of Ocala, Fl, an important separation of church and state case brought by the American Humanist Association (AHA) that requires all our attention. In 2014, the Ocala City Police Department (OPD) planned and facilitated an hour-long, Christian-revival-style […]

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The Students’ Religious Belief Protection Act protects no one

Reading Time: 4 minutes Columnist’s note: My Monday essay titled “Hearing loss, failing eyesight, and the struggles we try to hide“ did not properly display temporarily but that glitch is now fixed. The correctly displayed article is accessible via the linked headline in this note. The so-called Students’ Religious Belief Protection Act, introduced Feb. 8 in the Oklahoma state […]

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When My Rules Trump Yours

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve had a little experience with nonprofits that fund projects in the developing world. Here are a couple of the culture clashes we’ve had and how they parallel clashes between the Christian church and both society and reality.

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What Do Churches Have to Hide? The Solution Is Simple.

Reading Time: 15 minutes Nonprofit organizations in the U.S. make a contract with society: you give us tax-exempt status, and we’ll open our books to show that we’ve spent our money wisely. The one exception is churches. Do churches have something to hide? Or does this exception unfairly make churches look like they do? Here are 8 arguments against opening books (refuted) and 11 arguments for.

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Church/State Separation—Where Is the Line?

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is the attraction of putting Christian propaganda on public property? in response to a six-ton Ten Commandments on government property, an atheist group put up its own monument. Who could be surprised when some Christians weren’t pleased?