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Russian priest who adopted 70 kids convicted of sexual abuse of minors

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’ll never believe what happened when a conservative religious leader adopted 70 children. I’m just kidding. You know exactly how this plays out and you’re horrified without even reading another sentence. But I’ll tell you the horrific details anyway. Nikolai Stremsky was a rector at the Holy Trinity Convent of Mercy in Saraktash—part of the Urals in Russia. […]

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The SBC Isn’t Handling Its ‘Abuse of Faith’ Megascandal

Reading Time: 9 minutes SBC-lings like to imagine that their denomination is a loose federation of churches that govern the denomination from the bottom up. Yep, they’re all just big ol’ Jesus-ers who Jesus together — and, coincidentally, pool material resources to convert and control the whole world. The opposite is actually the case, as the EC demonstrated in spades that week.

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How Ravi Zacharias Got Away With Sex Abuse for YEARS

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! To top off the dumpster fire of 2020 comes a story that is also not even really news anymore: a big-name evangelical leader turned out to be a prolific sex abuser. Indeed, recently Ravi Zacharias’ ministry/business told donors the news. Yes indeed, the rumors about their deceased Dear Leader are true. For decades, […]

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Sexual Allegations: Biden vs Trump

Reading Time: 5 minutes The TL;DR version of this is: This is why you should probably have voted for a female nominee, and one of the many reasons I favoured Elizabeth Warren. In this context, she is probably as clean as a whistle. If you have to vote for either Biden or Trump, and even given that the allegation […]