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#SBC2019: The SBC Pretends to Care About Sex Abuse

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) just had its big Annual Meeting this year. There, they featured three main messages. First, they registered dim awareness of the huge sex-abuse scandal engulfing their denomination. Second, they outlined their response to that scandal. And third, they drilled down harder than ever on their culture wars–and sent a firm […]

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The SBC’s Sex-Abuse Scandal Is Getting Worse

Reading Time: 9 minutes The ‘Abuse of Faith’ scandal happened right on the heels of the denomination’s other sex-abuse scandal. And both are ongoing while the denomination struggles to overcome tanking membership numbers. As Southern Baptists gear up for their big Annual Meeting and Bigotry Jamboree, which began today, let’s look at how they’ve chosen to address all of these staggering problems.

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Fundamentalist Pastor Calls Out Church’s Rape Culture

Reading Time: 9 minutes For those of you familiar with fundamentalist movements, particularly the IFB (Independent Fundamental Baptist), you’ll know these movements tend to be rife with sexual abuse and cover-ups. Because the IFB maintains ideologies of separatism and elitism, they tend to deal with their issues “in house.” The trend is: keep it in the church, don’t tell […]

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Thoughts from a Trafficked Person

Reading Time: 4 minutes [Author Note: I wrote this piece when reflecting on my experience of early sexual abuse and then later, being trafficked. I could not articulate a lot of these words before now, because they felt lodged so deeply inside me in a place that I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, reach. CONTENT WARNING: It will almost […]

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Why the Christian Right’s Sex Scandals Are Only Increasing With Time

Reading Time: 11 minutes Another day, another bunch of scandals erupting out of fundagelical Christianity, and yet more predators exposed. Nobody’s even surprised by any of it anymore; it’s all become just part of our cultural landscape: hypocrites gonna hypocrite. I’m just wondering when people are going to realize the sheer scope of this situation. Fundagelicals are facing an endemic, entrenched sex abuse scandal.

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Using Porn to Heal

Reading Time: 5 minutes Relocating to a new town as a thirty something with four kids wasn’t exactly easy, but the opportunity came at a pivotal time in my life. It was 1999, only I wasn’t partying. My marriage was ailing under the stress of my recovery from sexual abuse, and the Christian faith I had built my life […]

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The Ugly Side of Religious Purity

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve seen families and friendships torn apart, churches split with hateful words, and children denied the love of their parents. I’ve seen young people end up homeless or in the hospital because they dared to be individuals instead of conforming to the expectations of their family and church. I’ve seen kind and loving people harassed and slandered for asking the wrong questions or holding the wrong opinions.