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QUIZ: Are you a spiritual narcissist?

Reading Time: 3 minutes This week, Christianity Today (CT), the evangelical flagship magazine founded by none other than Billy Graham, released a bonus episode of their podcast series The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. This episode, Everything is Still Falling Apart, addresses the dangers of the cult of Christian celebrity. True, this entire series fails to point the […]

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How tantra connects sexuality and spirituality

Reading Time: 3 minutes While most Westerners associate tantra with sex, tantric touching provides a way to delve into your erotic side in a way that’s sensual, though not necessarily sexual in nature. Tantra is a centuries-old, highly refined method for self-realization that originated in Northern India. The type of tantra familiar to most Westerners, however, is closer to […]

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How I became a foot fetish model

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I was a teen, I happened on an article by a guy explaining his fetish for having girls kick him in the nuts.  When he was a teenager chumming around with friends by the local 7-11, he’d insulted a girl who promptly kneed him in the groin. He was in agony, yes—but it also […]

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What not to say during sex

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was inspired by Erin Louis’ piece 10 secular alternatives to “Oh My God” during sex and decided to write this autobiographical post. While Erin explores the many alternatives of what you can say during intercourse, I would like to share what not to say. How do I know what not to say during sex? […]

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Sex work isn’t always about sex

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I was 25, my friend and I went to New Orleans for a working vacation, and found ourselves in a fairly new club on the famous Bourbon Street. It was an old building that began its life as a brothel. You’re shocked, I’m sure. It had a window that faced the street where the […]