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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion, Sex & Gender

Contraceptive Causality: Natural Law & Sexual Ethics

Reading Time: 7 minutes Gunther Laird has recently written a superb refutation of Natural Law Theory (NLT), as espoused these days by Christian thinkers such as Edward Feser who build upon work of Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. This kind of worldview underwrites conservative lawmakers who try to utilise NLT to underwrite modern jurisprudence. Therefore, whilst some might see a […]

Posted inEvolution, Sex & Gender

Gay Marriage – Here We Go Again

Reading Time: 4 minutes Back in 2010, I wrote a piece about California Proposition 8 which banned gay marriage. It was challenged in court, and eventually struck down on Constitutional grounds. Since then, many states have passed laws legalizing gay marriage, but the religiously motivated opposition has never given up, and now with a Republican Congress and White House, […]

Posted inSex & Gender

A Conversation With Al on Gay Marriage

Reading Time: 9 minutes This is the fourth in a series of conversations on religious and moral topics with my fictitious friend Al who is a devout Christian. If you haven’t read the others, I recommend that you do so before reading this one. The first three are: A Question of Faith Religion and Morality Conversations with Al: Diane […]

Posted inPhilosophy, The Secular

An attack on egalitarianism and the worst post and comments I have ever seen

Reading Time: 21 minutes I have recently had a conversation on facebook that left me truly flabbergasted. I think it qualifies as the most jaw-dropping conversation I have had. It was with someone whom I did teacher-training with (though who chose not to finish the course). Now I wouldn’t normally go into detail about personal matters when evaluating somebody’s claims and positions, but I think it explains so much in terms of cognitive dissonance, and is so relevant to the topic, that it does need mentioning. The person in question has certain tendencies which are deemed sinful to the Catholic Church. He lives in Brighton, ironically a city in Britain known for its diversity and sense of equality.

Posted inScience

Christianity and Homosexuality Part 2

Reading Time: 10 minutes So now it is time to return to the idea of homosexuality and Christianity about which I posted the other day.

Having looked at biblical issues concerning the position of deeming h/s morally wrong, let us now look at what makes people h/s and whether it is fair for an all-loving god to judge them.

I would like to give a good synopsis of the current tate of biology and sexual orientation. First of all, it is interesting to note that the drivers for male and female h/s are understood to be often very different. It is not one rule fits all. Furthermore, there are also a whole host of reasons that can lead to h/s – biological, genetic (and epigenetic), and environmental and social.

Let us look firstly at the biological causes and theories.

Posted inPolitics

Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona Democrat, To Replace Pete Stark As Sole Atheist In Congress

Reading Time: 2 minutes (RNS) Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., the only openly atheist member of Congress, lost his race for another term on Tuesday (Nov. 6).

But nonbelievers will not remain unrepresented in the Capitol. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, a former Arizona state senator, Mormon-turned-nontheist and a bisexual, has narrowly won her pitch for a House seat by 2,000 votes.

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