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Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit 2015: Best Conference Ever

Reading Time: 6 minutes The information we exchange and obtain at sex educator/activists conferences benefits people and changes their lives in very tangible, real ways. We’re helping de-stigmatize various forms of sexuality, and we get to advocate for diversity, inclusivity, and all sorts of social justice, addressing the intersections of sex with disability, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and more.

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Evangelical Churn and the Chain of Pain.

Reading Time: 9 minutes As the religion becomes more and more extremist and polarized, we’ll be seeing more and more people damaged by it. Christianity–especially the right-wing versions of it–has managed to press into its adherents’ lives one of the cruelest and most heartless deceptions imaginable, and those adherents’ innocent children are the ones paying the price.

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Body Shame 101: Lies the Church Told Me about My Own Sexuality

Reading Time: 7 minutes [Today’s guest post is written by Kylie, a friend and former evangelical who lives in the Pacific Northwest.] We start getting messages about sex and the culturally approved ways of expressing our sexuality long before our bodies even hit puberty. From birth, we are surrounded by these messages and we absorb and internalize them in the […]

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Hypocrisy: A Feature, Not a Bug.

Reading Time: 12 minutes Recently I made an offhand comment about how I saw hypocrisy in religion as not a bug or a glitch in the ideology, but a feature of it. Today I want to expand on that idea a little more because I caught myself by surprise there and realized that it’s important. I began thinking about gaming, and how games are structured around features and bugs. So yes: today is a gaming post!