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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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The Kecksburg UFO Incident of 1965

Reading Time: 10 minutes Here is another skeptical offering from Matthew Sabatine: One late night in October of 2020, my girlfriend and I were joyriding on the backroads of a rustic town maybe one hour away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States when we saw a small orb really far off in the distance. It was descending from […]

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Being Skeptical of Near-Death Experiences (Pt 1)

Reading Time: 8 minutes In another conversation on Facebook, I have been reminded that I have previously written on NDEs – Near-Death Experiences. Let me remind some of you longer-term readers and repost this for you newer ones.  I hope this is still current – you’ll let me know. As a skeptic, certain ideas and associated names often come […]

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Skepticism and Brandolini’s Law

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently wrote a piece entitled ‘“Hating God”: Atheism as Rebelling Against a Father-Figure and Other Nonsenses’ in which I stated: Okay, what annoys me about climate denial, science denial, bald assertions, Trump’s lies, lies in general, is that they are very easy to say and one can be very concise. But just because you […]

Posted inGeneral

Weaponizing Statistical Platitudes On Jack-O-Lanterns

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s Halloween, and this image is being shared around again: I think the jack-O’-lantern is genuinely hilarious. The notion of avoiding this inference is certainly a spooky thing to be avoided in science, making for a funny pumpkin, but the statement doesn’t hold absolutely. I wrote a post on it last year, talking about statistical […]

Posted inHistory

The Resurrection Debunked

Reading Time: 6 minutes I have recently been running a series debunking the Exodus and have linked to this Easter series. Since Easter is upon us, and since I have a raft of new readers, I am going to re-run my extensive series on the Resurrection and Easter. A few years back, someone in Malawi had a debate on national TV […]

Posted inGeneral

Doubts Aloud – Asking Why We Do This

Reading Time: 8 minutes Ed Atkinson is a friend from Wycombe Skeptics in the Pub who has also appeared on the Unbelievable radio programme on Premier Christian Radio in the UK. He has decided to start up a podcast, which I would like to support. Here are his reasons for doing so. This dovetails quite nicely with my post […]

Posted inArts, Books, The Secular

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Reading Time: 12 minutes I’ll soon be thrashing out the old nativity debates and articles again. It seems like only yesterday, though that could be because they got resurrected when Dave Armstrong came knocking mid-year. Inthe meantime, stock those stockings and present those presents… Let me try to persuade you to part company with some hard earned cash in […]

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June Ingersoll: Doubting Brains

Reading Time: < 1 minute My friend Julian Haydon has created a website dedicated to the great agnostic, Robert G. Ingersoll. The site is set out like a newspaper and is a labour of love. Please check it out – the link is below. To give respect to both men, I will be posting some Ingersoll delights once a month […]

Posted inGeneral

The Subtle TV Digs at Religion

Reading Time: 2 minutes I recently posted a number of video excerpts from the UK that overtly have a go at religion that we are lucky enough in the UK to have I was watching season 2 of Line of Duty the other day and there was a glorious little comment that would go over the head of most people. Indeed, […]

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