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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inGeneral

Don’t forget SINergy!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Don’t forget the awesome resource that is SINergy – the home of all the media associated with the various members and contributors to the Skeptic Ink Network. Check it out for great interviews, debates and lectures amongst other things. Whether it be video, radio or written media, there is a plethora of great resources and […]

Posted inClimate Crisis, Environment, Science

New, Overwhelming “Scientific Consensus On Anthropogenic Climate Change”

Reading Time: 3 minutes I am a skeptic. I am not a global warming skeptic. That is ideologically-driven anti-scientific nonsense. And in case you were wondering what the evidence for this was, let’s look at what the relevant scientists say:

Science Daily: May 15, 2013 — A comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed articles on the topic of global warming and climate change has revealed an overwhelming consensus among scientists that recent warming is human-caused.

Posted inComedy

Genius! The humour of skepticism

Reading Time: < 1 minute I went to see local fellow skeptic at Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub the other night. Crispian Jago has a great blog called Reason Stick and is fairly famous for some of the images that he has created, some of which I have tweeted and blogged. Here are a few below:

Posted inHistory

Moving the Stones of Baalbek–The Wonders of Roman Engineering

Reading Time: 19 minutes Previously I had talked about an amazing piece of computational engineering from the ancient world, the Antikythera mechanism, which was also posted up at A Tippling Philosopher. In the comments there, a discussion came up about another wonder of antiquity which has attracted all sorts of speculations among alternative thinkers. This is the construction of the temple complex at the city of Baalbek, also known as Heliopolis, in modern-day Lebanon, about 70 kilometers* north of Damascus. The site has considerable antiquity, but it is the large stones at the temple, especially the three known as the Trilithon, that have garnered the greatest attention, each weighing in around 800 tons.* And deservedly so, as they are some of the largest single objects ever moved in the pre-modern era.

Posted inUncategorized

Skeptical about meditation

Reading Time: 2 minutes So, on reading some work by fellow SINner David Osorio over at Avant Garde, I was alerted to this article by John Horgan about whether or not research supports benefits of meditation or not. It seems that it doesn’t, really.

Posted inUncategorized

Skeptical About Aliens, History Channel Style

Reading Time: 3 minutes This article introduces a subject which is both fascinating and ridiculous. Theories of how aliens have started our societies or life on earth abound, and some people base their ‘religions’ on such concepts. Do they stand up to scrutiny? Welcome back skepticism. Aaron Adair, who has written some excellent posts here before, introduces the subject […]

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