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Musk will bring Trump back to Twitter, calls the ban ‘foolish in the extreme’

Reading Time: 6 minutes Organisms generally need oxygen to survive and flourish. Certain organisms require more oxygen to reach their peak. In the social media ecosystem, whose habitats include the undrained swamps of the American elite, one apex predator once reigned supreme. And in the misinformation mudslinging and disinformation data-dumping, Trump’s famed Twitter rule came to an abrupt end. […]

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Can regulation tackle the disinformation crisis?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most Americans agree that social media is driving disinformation. Lies on social media can impact behavior and change the political beliefs of its user base. But there is no consensus about how government should respond. Some believe that the government should step in and regulate social media–and by extension the big tech companies–and force them […]

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Mercury retrograde has nothing to do with Facebook going down

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why was Facebook down for several hours yesterday? Here’s a technical explanation from someone who would know: Later Monday, Santosh Janardhan, Facebook’s VP of infrastructure, released a statement about Facebook’s service interruption saying the company was “sorry for the inconvenience caused by today’s outage across our platforms.” Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes […]

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Social Media Vs Mainstream Media: There is No “Vs”, the Lines Are Blurred

Reading Time: 2 minutes The long and the short of it: they are both the same, only separated (in the UK at least) by regulation. “News organisations” is another term for “information source”, which is a far more nebulous and in some sense accurate term. The modern person gets their information (some of which could be arbitrarily labelled “news”) […]