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Gospelbound Talks (Ineptly) About Deconversion

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, we covered a post by Brett McCracken on The Gospel Coalition (TGC) (archive link). In it, he slammed deconversion and ex-Christians in the most hateful and contemptuous ways imaginable. But at least he demonstrated nicely that evangelicals have finally begun to notice the process of deconstruction and the vast number […]

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The Traitors Having Trouble Finding a New Social Media Home (LSP #174)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello and welcome back! Since their thankfully-failed attack on the Capitol Building last week, America’s conservative-wingnut traitors have been getting tossed out of one social media platform after another. Slowly, all of their options are slamming shut in their faces! Today, Lord Snow Presides over the trouble traitors are having lately in finding a new […]

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A Crisis of Conscience for a TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Clerk

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Gosh, being a TRUE CHRISTIAN™ is so hard nowadays. Not only do TRUE CHRISTIANS™ have to Jesus harder all the time, but they have to make sure everybody around them knows they’re the most Jesus-ified Jesus-ers who ever Jesus-ed. And there’s no better way to demonstrate their Jesus-ification than inserting themselves […]

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