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BREAKING: Billionaire declares war against oligarchs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gotham’s billionaire prince Bruce Wayne shocked the world today by publicly admitting that he is Batman. Over the years, he’s protected the good people of the city from street thugs to psychotic supervillains. Bruce Wayne dropped another bombshell as well — he is hanging up the cape. No longer will Batman perch on high buildings […]

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Does Socialism Ever Work?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Here is another guest article from J Enigma. Massive thanks to him and all my guest posters. A while back, I wrote a guest piece for this blog entitled “Socialism Always Fails?” It did pretty well and engendered some discussion, but I think in that piece I danced around a core question and I want […]

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“Socialism Always Fails”?

Reading Time: 7 minutes [This is a guest post from J Enigma – enjoy]. The other week I was engaged with an individual on Facebook arguing the merits of employing a universal healthcare system (why yes, I am American. How did you guess?) Normally this is a waste of time, but I wasn’t doing anything else and so I […]

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Christianity Is Hated by Socialists and Capitalists alike…?

Reading Time: 2 minutes This particular comment came from a conservative Christian friend of mine elsewhere. I will set it out before talking about it: Christianity is hated by socialists and capitalists alike because it centres meaning in a place that is beyond the self and so is not biddable by these two controlling forces. Where the centre is […]

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