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Vladimir Putin as the ultimate authoritarian leader

Reading Time: 7 minutes Recently, Elon Musk challenged Vladimir Putin to single combat–with the winner taking Ukraine. It was a dumb joke, for all that Musk claimed to be “absolutely serious” about it. But it caught my attention because the person he challenged happens to be one of the biggest authoritarians on the planet. That kind of challenge means something to an authoritarian that a non-authoritarian doesn’t quite understand.

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How (and Why) Evangelicals Blow Their Witness With Single Moms

Reading Time: 7 minutes On Mother’s Day, I showed you a major evangelical news site that somehow missed an important story about the single moms in their churches who didn’t find motherhood through adoption. Instead, these women got their kids through unapproved sex or divorce, neither of which hardline evangelicals like much. Evangelical single moms really test evangelicals’ own marketing hype to the limits — and accidentally reveal exactly who evangelicals, as a group, truly are. Today, let me show you how evangelicals treat single moms — and why, and what their behavior says about them as a group.

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Evangelicals’ Birthrate Strategies Reveal Very Dark Covert Goals

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we checked out some evangelicals’ reactions to the pandemic-related declines in birthrates around the world. These evangelicals’ general approach to increasing birthrates in general interested me. Instead of helping to make life easier for the women having these babies, evangelical leaders instead sought to shame, gaslight, scare, and strong-arm women […]

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The childfree life: Parenthood is becoming less popular

Reading Time: 8 minutes Even as a child, I knew that parenthood wouldn’t ever be for me. At the time (the 1970s), this decision marked me as a completely transgressive weirdo. I got some serious flack for it from people who thought they were qualified to tell me what I wanted out of life. I even faced reproductive sabotage from my then-husband! But according to a recent Pew Research study, it seems like more and more young adults are choosing the childfree life these days.