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Matthew 18: How Christians Shield Abusers With ‘the Lord’s Conflict Resolution Plan’

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! Hey, you know what never takes long to show itself? Toxic Christians‘ utter hypocrisy. Any time someone reveals some terrible shameful secret about their tribe, they spring into action… to protect the tribe’s reputation. And they do it by leaning very hard on some verses in the Bible that one site actually […]

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‘Counting the Costs’ is Music to Authoritarian Ears

Reading Time: 9 minutes Before I get into the harm his suggestions do to children, I realized I needed to explain a popular Christianese concept: counting the costs. This phrase figures prominently in Greg Stier’s work, and it certainly did as well in my own life when I was evangelical. Today, let me show you this Christianese phrase, how it’s used, and how it manipulates the unwary into groups and behavior that will only harm them.

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Fixing Evangelicals’ Broken Authoritarianism

Reading Time: 10 minutes Recently, we encountered Ronald J. Sider’s 2005 evangelical classic, The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience. In it, the author explored what he viewed as evangelicals’ signal failure: their utter unwillingness even to pretend to care about what Jesus told them to do during their finite lifetimes. However, Sider offered a downright galaxy-brained solution to this terrible problem. Indeed, he was completely positive that this solution would totally fix everything. Yes, truly! Today, I’ll show you how Ronald J. Sider totally and permanently solved the problem of evangelical hypocrisy through the simple magic of authoritarianism.

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