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Harvest Bible Chapel Infighting Reveals Christianity’s Sordid Underbelly (Also, an HBC Timeline)

Reading Time: 15 minutes One of their new church branches–all the way over in Florida, no less–has been at the very heart of MacDonald’s downfall. And that church has received a serious setback lately from the Mothership. So today, let me show you what’s happening at Harvest Bible Chapel these days, and why it’s so very indicative of Christianity’s decline.

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The Fruits of Complementarianism

Reading Time: 11 minutes Today, I’ll show you how meaningless Greear’s gestures are in the face of the SBC’s greatest triumph–which is also its greatest systemic flaw: complementarianism. He thinks he’s oh-so-evolved. But in reality, he’s simply battling to keep the status quo right where it is: in his lap. Worse yet, people have finally seen the real fruits of this doctrine.

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Paige Patterson Is Helping the SBC Out of Its Slump (LSP #40)

Reading Time: 10 minutes Paige Patterson, a bigwig with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), gave a speech in 2000 to a bunch of his fellow Christians about how women should respond to domestic violence. Someone remembered those comments recently. His predictably-toxic advice is a very potent reminder today about why those pews need to be emptied, now, STAT, completely. Today Lord Snow Presides over how not to reverse a serious organizational slump.

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A Thief in the Night: Traumatizing Children for Fun and Prophet

Reading Time: 12 minutes Sometimes I catch myself thinking that fundagelicals are, at heart, perfectly normal people who have simply been socialized in really awful ways, so they really aren’t aware of the threats they constantly use and the fearmongering behavior they exhibit. I start thinking that they are so immersed in fear tactics that they notice it all about as often as we notice the air in a room or how often we blink. And then A Thief in the Night rolled past my eyes, and I had to come face-to-face with my own boundless misplaced optimism.

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