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How tantra connects sexuality and spirituality

Reading Time: 3 minutes While most Westerners associate tantra with sex, tantric touching provides a way to delve into your erotic side in a way that’s sensual, though not necessarily sexual in nature. Tantra is a centuries-old, highly refined method for self-realization that originated in Northern India. The type of tantra familiar to most Westerners, however, is closer to […]

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House of Our Queer: Community organizing for the queer spirit 

Reading Time: 6 minutes For too long, spiritual wellness and religious communities have been largely run by institutional leaders who center white, cisgender, heterosexual, monogamous people. Because of this, many LGBTQ+ people like me have experienced pain from our religious backgrounds or have felt cut off from a spiritual or faith-based practice.  This is a problem because spirituality—rooted in […]

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Yahoo boys, money rituals, and the magic of desperation

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yahoo boys, babalawos, money rituals. If these terms don’t already mean anything to you, brace yourself—we’re venturing into hard territory. Nigeria is a West African country with two-thirds of the US population packed into less than a tenth of the territory. And there, in recent months, a perennial cycle of violent rituals thought to bring […]

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Since yoga is so darn old, why not become a poser?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The mind-body connection was discovered many thousands of years ago in India, and yoga emerged as a physical-spiritual practice that purported to join body and brain together with the incorporeal Mind of all existence, variously known as The All, Brahman, and God. In the yogic view, the body is a vehicle and conductor of spiritual […]

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How secular rituals can give our lives meaning: An interview with Sasha Sagan

Reading Time: 6 minutes The late astronomer Carl Sagan once wrote in his book Contact, “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” It’s only fitting, then, that his daughter Sasha Sagan has carried on his legacy with her own book focusing on secular rituals that provide meaning in our lives. In this exclusive […]

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Does Prayer Work If God is Not Listening?

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Here, we have another offering from Dana Horton looking at atheism and spirituality, again dealing with the subject of prayer: Does Prayer Work If God is Not Listening? (4 minute 30 second read) Last week we outlined how the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) taught us to pray in ministerial school. These steps may […]

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Is Prayer Just Intention on Spiritual Steroids?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here is another nonreligious piece with a spiritual bent from Dana Horton: Is Prayer Just Intention on Spiritual Steroids? (5 minute read) In ministerial school (Centers for Spiritual Living, or CSL) we were taught that there were five steps to ‘proper’ praying. This technique was a little different from the Christian tradition of pleading with […]

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Light and Spirituality — Metaphor or Real?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here’s another offering from Dana Horton, for our spirituality hour, this week concerning spirituality and light… Light and Spirituality — Metaphor or Real? (3-minute read) This time of year we see the term “Light” used all the time in religious ceremonies and festivals. What is going on here? Religious symbolism. Judaism, Buddhism, and most other […]