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The Idaho Earthquake Is NOT A Sign of the Endtimes, Sorry

Reading Time: 7 minutes Just as I was wrapping up my post yesterday evening, my state experienced a very strong earthquake. Immediately, fundagelicals leapt into action by declaring it a sign of the Endtimes. Today, let me show you a little bit about what this prediction involves, why fundagelicals keep making failed predictions like it, and what’s really going on here.

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Why the Christian Right’s Sex Scandals Are Only Increasing With Time

Reading Time: 11 minutes Another day, another bunch of scandals erupting out of fundagelical Christianity, and yet more predators exposed. Nobody’s even surprised by any of it anymore; it’s all become just part of our cultural landscape: hypocrites gonna hypocrite. I’m just wondering when people are going to realize the sheer scope of this situation. Fundagelicals are facing an endemic, entrenched sex abuse scandal.

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The God-Shaped Wound

Reading Time: 14 minutes For many years, Christians have been trying to convince everyone that human beings have a “god-shaped hole” in their beings that cries out for belief in their particular god to fill it. Today I’ll show you what that saying means, why it’s wrong, and how its latest permutation is working out for one batch of Christians struggling to maintain belief long past the point where it makes no sense at all to keep doing it.

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