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Atheist Answers: A Return to “Atheist Dictators Committed Atrocities”

Reading Time: < 1 minute I recently wrote a post on supposed atheist atrocities being worse than Christian ones, as argued often by naive apologists. One commenter made a video that should be interesting for you (Derek Mathias – Underlings). It’s not about atheism vs. theism per se, but about authoritarians having to be the highest power: He made a follow-up […]

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A Great Myth about Atheism

Reading Time: 18 minutes This has come up in conversation on the last thread, and being in second day of my Russian chemo, I thought I’d repost for your delectation: This post was one of my most popular pieces on my previous blog, and I have, over time, revised it slightly to make it even tighter, reacting to previous comments […]

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A Great Myth about Atheism: Hitler/Stalin/Pol Pot = Atheism = Atrocity

Reading Time: 15 minutes For Hitchens and co, religion does little good and secularism hardly any evil. Never mind that tyrants devoid of religion such as Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot perpetrated the worst atrocities in history. As H. Allen Orr, professor of biology at the University of Rochester, observed, the 20th century was an experiment in secularism that produced secular evil, responsible for the unprecedented murder of more than 100 million. (Abramovich, 2009)

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