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How the SBC Lied for Jesus With Their 2021 Annual Report Sneak Peek

Reading Time: 9 minutes It’s fascinating to me to see how the SBC’s Dear Leaders spin-doctor their decline to the flocks, not to mention how they keep trying to reverse (or at least bottom out) their decline. And friends, they outdid themselves with a shockingly-dishonest press release about their 2020 numbers. Today, I want to show you how the SBC’s leaders misrepresented the truth about last year’s numbers with their 2021 Annual Report sneak peek.

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The Ride or Die Statistic the SBC Can’t Fix

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Isn’t that the saying? Well, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has long set one statistic above all others. They knew they were in decline long before their membership numbers began to reflect that reality. Today, let me show you their ride-or-die statistic: how they arrive at it, what it means to them, and most importantly what it means to the rest of us.

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It’s All In How You Ask the Questions (LSP #32)

Reading Time: 6 minutes A survey released last year might shed some interesting light on how accurate surveyed responses about atheism are, and give us some new directions in finding out exactly how many atheists exist in America. We might have been counting wrong all along, it seems–and that’s both good and bad news in its way.

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Without Tax Exemptions, Christianity Will Collapse. (Sort Of.)

Reading Time: 10 minutes One of the most fascinating bits of fallout from the ongoing secularization of America is that we’re starting to ask some questions now that would have been completely unthinkable 20 or 25 years ago. One of the most provocative of those questions centers on whether or not we should start taxing churches and making them responsible for all of their own activities and upkeep. What would have been shocking and quickly rejected out of hand is now getting some serious attention from all kinds of places!