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Once upon a time in ‘The Elysian Kingdom’

Reading Time: 9 minutes Classic Trek series always left room for play, and sometimes did so quite literally, with beloved characters play-acting in completely different roles for many episodes. Holodeck episodes in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager allowed crew members to play-act consciously. Q-continuum, time-travel, and mirror-universe episodes invited a range of unwilling, unintended, and naturalized […]

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The day the white pelicans came

Reading Time: 4 minutes One recent glorious morning in tranquil South Dakota, as Russia rained more death and destruction on Ukrainian cities and hamlets, I awoke to a perfect day, my wife peacefully checking her email beside me and turning to smile, and our cat trying to tunnel under the covers to a remembered warm spot. That’s what the […]

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The Jesus-Analog Cat, The Boring Old Biddy, and the Unsupervised Kitchen Appliance – Chapter 3

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lola ran out of the junky room down the hallway, looking for her siblings. Primarily because there wasn’t anyone else to talk to. “Pay attention,” she snapped. “I’m back!” “What in God’s name are you talking about, Lola?” sneered Sadie. “You haven’t been wondering where I was? Wait, don’t answer that.” “I’ll answer that,” Parker […]

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The truth about black cats and monsters

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a black stray that lives in my neighborhood. He came with the house. The previous owners abandoned him. But he had a cat door so he spent most of his time outside before they’d left anyway.  It was kind of heartbreaking that I couldn’t let him in. I tried at first and he scratched […]

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In Putin’s Ukraine, vodka drink you!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not long after my daughter was born, my then-fiancé and I went with baby in tow for a weekend at a condo in Rocky Point, just over the Mexican border from Arizona. The border guard who checked our passports on the way home had a pretty heavy foreign accent. I wonder about his story.  A […]

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The Jesus-Analog Cat, The Boring Old Biddy, and the Unsupervised Kitchen Appliance – Chapter 1

Reading Time: 8 minutes ONCE THERE WERE FOUR CHILDREN whose names were Parker, Sadie, Emmett, and Lola. This story is about something that allegedly happened to them which necessitated many years of therapy. It began when they were sent away from their home “because of the war.” Of course, this was just what they were told. The children—all except […]