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‘American Crusade’: How the Supreme Court is weaponizing Christianity

Reading Time: 6 minutes Three years ago, constitutional attorney, atheist, author, and “fake Christian” Andrew Seidel wrote about the threat of Christian nationalism in his book The Founding Myth, arguing that we were never a “Christian Nation” in any real sense of that phrase. Yet even though we weren’t founded as a Christian country, and even though we won’t […]

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We are living in a judicial dictatorship

Reading Time: 4 minutes Decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, just in the past few weeks, have profoundly changed life in our nation. These changes involve abortion, gun control, government funding of religion, and most recently, climate change regulation. All of these rulings were made with a 6-3 or 5-4 conservative majority. In effect, many aspects of our lives […]

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Is the Supreme Court hopelessly partisan?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Above all else, the U.S. Supreme Court is supposed to be rigorously nonpartisan, considering the law in an objective manner and adjudicating disputes without bias toward the views of co-partisans. But is the Supreme Court truly a bastion of objectivity, when most other U.S. institutions are explicitly partisan? The court goes to great lengths to […]

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